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Met Master Ianucci several years ago while searching for a bouncer certification school. Immediately saw the difference in knowledge and real life awareness training compared to other schools I went to check out. He had all bases covered in the training. Undercover Alcohol Board State Police, a doctor taught first aid and a highly recognized local attorney with decades of experience in entertainment industry security. The hands on physical training was great as well as the mental awareness techniques needed in our industry these days. Each person taught valuable information in a quick and easy to learn atmosphere. Philadelphia Nightclub Security Training is the best in the Philadelphia area. You'll learn real skills that actually work and it's affordable.

I have been fortunate to have been trained by PNST for the last 5 years. Ed, DJ, Jamie, and Marylou are some of the best, if not the best, trainers in the business. I have been in the business for many years, and this is the best training I have received. if you are new or a veteran of the business, I highly recommend that you get your training and certification through them Remember, you get what you pay for, so why not go with the best.

Ed Iannuci is the BEST trainer in this field. This is the most detailed training you get. I recommend you contacting him ASAP to schedule your appointment!!

Gotta love this place. We’ve had our daughter in for almost a year now and we all love it. Ed Iannucci and all of the staff there really care about the families they serve... and more importantly, they care enough to challenge and push them to give their very best. They even have programs that parents can take advantage of. Fitness and Self Defense for the whole family. Give it a shot.

Master Ed and the staff are great. They have really helped my boys to grow in confidence, physical fitness, and skill. They are the real deal!

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